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Development Program for Junior: Sekolah Alam Shah, Putrajaya 2009

The program will start with Learn-To-Row (Klinik Asas Rowing)program for 4 days. The training session will be held on Saturday & Sunday from 8AM to 6PM. Participation target is 120 students & divide into 2 groups. First session will start on 10th Jan 2009 at Kompleks Latihan Rowing Kebangsaan, Empangan Batu, Gombak.

We will be having a REGATTA on 9th May 2009 in between students which divided into 6 teams as following:

  1. Dato’ Onn
  2. Halimi
  3. Tan Sri Jamil Rais
  4. Hishamuddin
  5. Aminuddin Baki
  6. Za’aba

The rowing instructors involve are including Mus, Majai, Wan & Tonga. PERDAMA will benefit this program & identify potential atheletes for further development on junior program. Therefore, Sekolah Alam Shah commitment & contribution are very much appreciated.

Congratulations & good luck to all.

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Training Template

Do you have training program for your club? How do you define the training phase? Which competition that your team will take part? International or local? What is the target?

These are questions you as a team manager or president of the rowing club should ask. Proper plan & good training program will display a clear direction of your team. Do not under estimate any members of your team. Believe it or not, during my time with UTMKL my coxwains 4+ won the final regatta with tough competition from UM. Coxwains = short guys (153cm height & 50kg weight) with strong heart + strong determination. I still have the picture if you need the prove. These guys are soo good with the skill & have the right motivation to compete (beside yelling on people of course).

Ok.. back to main topic. Following training template you can prepare for your team next year of following year:

Year Training Program
The plan is based on three training sessions per week with the major competition being in phase 5. The duration of each phase could be as follows:

  • Phase 1 – 16 weeks
  • Phase 2 – 8 weeks
  • Phase 3 – 8 weeks
  • Phase 4 – 8 weeks
  • Phase 5 – 8 weeks
  • Phase 6 – 4 weeks

The objective of each phase is as follows:

  • Phase 1 – General development of strength, mobility, endurance and basic technique
  • Phase 2 – Development of specific fitness and advanced technical skills
  • Phase 3 – Competition experience – achievement of qualification times for main competition
  • Phase 4 – Adjustment of technical model, preparation for the main competition
  • Phase 5 – Competition experience and achievement of outdoor objectives
  • Phase 6 – Active recovery – planning preparation for next season

Then, try to merge the above to PERDAMA calendar of EVENTS:

  • May 2009 : MASUM
  • August 2009: URI (Uniten Rowing Invitational)
  • November 2009: VBR (Varsity Boat Race)

CONFUSE? ok try merge into this training template:
Divide your phase into 4:

  1. Conditioning
  2. Strength & Endurance
  3. Pre-Competition
  4. Competition

|Jan-09| ——–> |May-09| ——–> |Aug-09| ——–> |Nov-09| ——> |Dec-09|

Details of each phase, you may include these element:

  1. On water training
  2. Indoor Rowing
  3. Weight Training
  4. Core & Flexibility
  5. Support Element
    • Nutrition & supplement
    • Injuries & Rehabilitation
    • Mental Training

Next, create a training calendar. Fill in the details of training unit in each phase later. I will explain further what is the appropriate training element you can use.

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Rowing Specific: Weight Training for Upper Body

Sport /Activity:Rowing
Training phase:Hypertrophy / strength circuit
Durations: 12weeks

Exercise –> Planned sets x reps at weight

Seated Cable Row –> 3 x 12
Bench Press –> 3 x 12
Upright row –> 3 x 12
Single Straight Arm Pulldown –> 3 x 15
Incline DB Press –> 3 x 12
Alternate DB Press –> 3 x 12
Pullover –> 3 x 12
Bent Over Lateral Raise –> 3 x 15

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