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I would like to welcome Coach Halim @ Traffic Watchdog, our Head Coach from PERDAMA & our National Rowers, Tan Suet Fong @ multisport who willing to become the authors & contributors to this blog. I have to thank to both of them for their support, encouragement & enthusiasm they have shown. I’m hoping that this blog will provide motivation & information to sports enthusiasts and to malaysian rowers especially. So that, this blog can also be the space of word for those who want their voice to be heard by all. The intention is only to contribute to rowing sport development & organization like PERDAMA towards producing champions for Malaysia.

“small shift, big moves”

Thank you, Coach Halim & Afong!

“Almost every training session ended in sheer exhaustion, to the point that you are writhing on the ground, vomiting and feeling sick. You just have to push yourself. The only way to improve is to work harder than you did the day before.” – Datuk Dr. M. Jegathesan

“Sometimes when i was training, i punished myself so much. I didn’t feel the body. The mind just tells and the body goes on. In a normal person, the mind is the first to break down. If a player can train himslef to let the mind control the body, then he has a chance to become a champion.” Datuk Eddy Choong

“I dug deep into myself to show them. in the process, i develop the mental strength and capacity to take on the challenge. For the first time in my life, i could experience it – shutting my eyes and running the race in my mind.” Ishtiaq Mubarak.

Books title: Way of Champions “Secrets of their Success”
Author: Ooi Lay Beng
ISBN 983-40733-0-5

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