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2009 Asian Rowing Championships

Taiwan to host Asian Rowing Champs

The 2009 Asian Rowing Championships are going to Yilan County in Taiwan. Dongshan River Water Park has been chosen as the venue to host the event which will be held from 2 – 9 November 2009.The selection was made following the Asian Junior Rowing Championships which were held earlier this month in Hong Kong. Voted by more than 20 Asian member countries,Taiwan was chosen over a bid from Singapore. This will be the second time that the Dongshan River Water Park has hosted an international event. In 1995 the venue held the 7th Asian Rowing Championships. The Asian Rowing Championships are held every second year and were last held in 2007 in Chung-Ju, Korea. The Asian Junior Rowing Championships, which are held yearly, will take place at the same time in Taiwan. Dongshan River is considered one of Taiwan’s top scenic spots. It is an ecological reserve and contains more than 340 different species of birds. It is an artificial canal and is popular for dragon boating events. The Yulan County bureau hopes that bringing the rowing championships to the area will help stimulate rowing in the region. Yulan County is on the east coast of Taiwan.
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