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Welcome Dinner Varsity Boat Race 2008

It’s good to have connection to internet cause i can update the blog during the free time. Unfortunately, we don’t have that luxury free time. Dateline & result are critical & must update in timely manner. Otherwise, the participants will not able to view the latest start list.

Back to the topic above, we had dinner after the rain. Believe it or ot, all the comittee not having bath or have the time to clean up. Changing cloth n rushing to PICC. Funny… huhuhu… no one notice anyway.

Right after the dinner, we went back to tower to complete the racemark sheet. Only me, abg ujang (chief of umpire) & coach halim left. A lot of amendment require on participants list. It took until 3AM in the morning to complete. Fuh… soo tired & sleepy. I’m not driving back to Klang tonite… call my hubby then checked in to the hotel. No spare room for me so i jump on top of the bed with Kak Kamariah. No time to take a bath… that few minutes require for rest & sleep.

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