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Wow.. it’s quite a while from my last post. I hope it’s not to late to wish “Selamat menyambut Ramadhan, bulan mulia bulan penuh keberkatan” to all muslim rowers in Malaysia who reading my post.

I wonder how was the progress of training program by muslim rowers in Ramadhan. Last update, Malaysia did not sent any rowers for the Asian Cup Rowing Championship in Singapore. I did not get the details but according to the Mr. presiden all of the rowers did not qualify for lightweight event. Not to blame only the rowers, i believe PERDAMA should not rely only to UTM rowers to represent Malaysia. If the participation open to other university, we able to see more competition among Malaysian rowers to qualify. Although, UTM rowers have more experience & skill compare to others but last URI 2008 event shows that skill is no longer a factor. UTHM, UNITEN & UM has shown a great progress thru skill & fitness. UTHM able to be the champion of Men Coxed Eight (5km) & for the first time breaking the domination of UTM. Anyway, in term of exposure & skill, UTM rowers still ahead from others. Plus, additional administation & technical job to call for a centralize training camp, qualification test, transportation, accomodation and participation details makes it a big challenge for PERDAMA which already utilised 110% existing manpower to focus on other main activities.

For UTM rowers, lack of coaching is always a factor. Without proper training program & guidance, rowers will have no consistency in their training. I’ve been approached by the female rowers to become a coach which i would be glad to accept but with time & distance constraint, i have to put that on hold. The girls have a great potential to excel base on their physical. But then, I’ve already commited to junior program with Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah, Putrajaya. Therefore, if i decided to take that offer, i have to plan carefully so that it won’t affect my quality time with family, full-time job & my study. One of my colleague says i’m not realistic to have all at one time where it will sacrifice other element in my life without me noticing it. But others said, just do it when i’m still young & healthy. My husband, well he leave it to me to make the choice but he remind me to not to forget or neglact what is the most important in my life. Which of course, the family.

Hmm.. so much of comment cover all various topic. Showing so many things in my mind right now. Anyway, I will get back on track after this one & continue posting articles and updates.

So, see you soon.

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